Leviet: What makes French cuisine unique

The French are mostly known for their pastries and wine. Bread and desserts are a staple that French people eat every day and tourists flock to get a taste of. When foreigners visit France, they usually don’t know where to begin. The restaurants and bistros around the country can be confusing.

French cuisine is nothing without its fresh ingredients. With food sourced from all over the country and worldwide as well, you can tell that the food is going to be delicious. If you can’t visit France anytime soon, you can still try to make your own dishes at home! 

Most people are intimidated by the fact that French cuisine can be complicated to make. You can start simple and work your way to becoming a chef yourself! Take a look at some traditional French ingredients you can use to cook with: 

  1. Olive oil
    The most basic ingredient you could have is the versatile olive oil. You can use it to cook almost anything and help elevate your dish. The French mainly use it as a base for their dishes, helping to bring out the flavours of the meat and sauces. 
  2. Truffles
    Another classic ingredient is a member of the fungi family. Closely related to mushrooms, the truffles are used to provide flavour for oils and various dishes. They are even used to accompany meat, pasta, and risotto. 
  3. Creme fraiche
    Creme fraiche is a heavy cream made of buttermilk and other dairy elements. It is usually used as a topping for different dishes like dessert, soups, or fruit. Some people love creme fraiche so much that they eat it on its own. 
  4. Dijon mustard
    Whenever you hear of mustard, you could be thinking of putting it in a hot dog or a sandwich. In France, mustard is used to help add flavour and thickness to a marinade. This allows the elements of the dish to come out after cooking, making the eating experience an unforgettable one. 
  5. Shallots
    The French like to use shallots as a substitute for onions and garlic. The smell and taste are milder compared to others, which allows other flavours in the dish to take centre stage. 
  6. Wine
    You can never go wrong with a serving of wine. Whether you are enjoying it alongside a meal or adding it into the dish itself, you can be sure that it will be tasty. Red and white wine can be used for cooking meats and making sauces. 
  7. Cheese
    France produces and consumes cheese more than any other country in the world. Certain kinds can be eaten on their own, while others like to grate and melt them to mix with traditional dishes. 

French bread
What is a French dish without the iconic bread and pastries? You can have croissants and baguettes for breakfast and as a snack by baking them fresh and adding some jam and other toppings.

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