What makes a good sandwich?

Leviet: What makes a good sandwich?

Sandwiches are one of the most universally loved foods of all time. It’s such an easy dish to make and it has so many different fillings and flavours to choose from ranging from sweet to savoury. 

Here at Leviet, we are highly dedicated to providing the best sandwiches here in Canada. We take pride in the quality of our ingredients and the expertise of our staff in making every single item on our menu. And now, we’re about to share with you some of our secrets to making the perfect sandwich!

It starts with the bread

In order to make the perfect sandwich, you would need to start with having a great loaf of bread. The bread that you will use for your sandwich will act as the blank canvas for your fillings. Make sure that it will perfectly complement the flavour and texture of whatever you’re going to put in it.

One of the qualities of a good loaf of bread is that it doesn’t get soggy. If it perfectly houses the fillings of your choice without breaking apart, then you will know that it is a good one. A crispy crust with a soft inner layer is a general standard among sandwich lovers. 

If you have the time and you’re feeling fancy, you can always opt to bake your own bread instead. This way, you can personalize your loaf to your liking!

Use your spreads

Spreads such as mayo and mustard give your sandwiches the moisture that it needs to make your different ingredients stay in place. It also provides flavour and creaminess to the overall sandwich. Don’t be afraid to experiment with other spreads that could go well with your fillings such as barbeque sauces, pesto and vinaigrette.

It’s also important to note that you should spread them equally so that the flavour distributes evenly throughout the whole sandwich.

Only use fresh ingredients

Just like how we do it here at Leviet, using fresh ingredients elevates the flavour of your sandwiches. From the meat to the veggies, the best flavour and texture of these ingredients can only be achieved when they are in their freshest form. 

Using fresh ingredients also gives that pop of colour that we all know and love about our favourite sandwiches. 

Don’t overdo it 

Sometimes simplicity is key when it comes to making sandwiches. Not only will this help you appreciate the flavours more but it will also be less of a mess to eat. 

Don’t waste the precious ingredients and juices of your sandwiches by letting them drip all over the floor, instead only put what you need so that everything will be properly assembled and easy to eat.

Achieve balance

Whichever kind of sandwich you’re planning to make, make sure that you’ll be able to achieve a balance between all the ingredients that you’re going to use. 

Your fillings should not be oozing out of the bread when you start assembling it because this is a sign that you have put an excessive amount of it. Your ingredients should also complement each other. If you’re going to put meat in your sandwich, make sure that you will include vegetables too. 

Level up your sandwich-making game by following these simple steps. It wouldn’t take much effort and the end result will be worth it! 

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