Five pieces of equipment for your sandwich stall

Many people underestimate the intricate process of making sandwiches for commercial consumption. Once they start studying the basics, they learn that they are missing a lot of crucial equipment. Here are five of those items that you need on your stall if you wish to make a successful sandwich-making business.

Electric griddle or grill

Everything starts with the bread and so many sandwich enthusiasts want to see them toasted. The griddle lets you do just that with grace and elegance in front of the customer. It also works for meat ingredients such as ham, bacon, chicken strips, and beef patties. Griddles are also great for sausages or hot dogs so you don’t need to invest in a hot dog cooker.

All-purpose microwave

Some upstart sandwich makers will opt for an oven due to tradition but Leviet will say that a microwave is always better. You don’t need to bake anything so you will need the microwave mostly for heating sandwiches. It is also great for heating coffee quickly and without burning the cup. You will also find some customers who prefer ordering their sandwiches in advance and will need to reheat it upon pick up. The microwave is your perfect companion for such cases. 

Holding cabinets for all ingredients

Speaking of keeping food in storage, the holding cabinet is a must-have for all food-related businesses. It’s a storage device that can keep all ingredients warm. Not too cold to keep them ready for the workstation but not too hot that they end up moistening and thus spoiling. You can keep all ingredients that must be at room temperature in this device. That includes bread, cooked meat, vegetables, and dressing. Keep your refrigerator space exclusively for beverages.

Weighing scales and measuring utensils

If you are serving food for commercial consumption then you have to treat every customer equally. That includes giving them exactly the same amount of ingredients for serving. The only way to make sure of that is through using measuring tools. Weigh every ingredient per recipe by gram instead of pieces. For smaller quantities such as dressing, it’s better to measure them with teaspoons or millilitres.

Stainless steel countertop 

Most households prefer marble or tiled countertops for aesthetics and texture but commercial businesses like Leviet will always opt for a stainless steel countertop. It’s more durable and easier to clean than any other material, making it great for food preparation.

The only downside to a stainless steel countertop is that it is not as presentable as marble countertops. This is a necessary trade-off for businesses to avoid having to worry about damages. A crack in a marble countertop can ultimately stop your store from operating to avoid hazards. It’s also better to install a sink on a stainless steel countertop because it’s easier to wipe compared to marble that can keep hard-to-see droplets or tiles that can grow moulds.

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